Monday, January 25, 2010


aside from sculpting some new toys, i've spent my days making puppets

the puppet version of my friend dan

a puppet self portrait

royal tenebaum maybe?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


who framed yeti spaghetti? gallery show @ genuine artikle

the chupacabre

grapefoot and the prophecy of the bearded eye

reddy spaghetti, murderer
acrylic on shamwow

yeti spaghetti's nephews: lumpy, dumpy & bumpy

yeti spaghetti


best horror toys of 2009,

freddy krueger by mezco toyz. voted one of the best horror figures of 2009 by sculpted by trevor zammit, painted by josh sutton

artwork from the past year or whatever

busproof: stupid martha dumptruck
from the movie "heathers" for crazy 4 cult @ gallery 1988
acrylic on shamwow

ub iwerks, animation cell with watercolor background

snettsy vel obendoik, acrylic on wood

ruth bagleplum, stolen!

bruff bear, vinyl custom for iwg show in san francisco

the loner ranger bust

my hero, adam west

rufus & brufus, tunnel of love show at genuine artikle gallery

burglar toy, original sculpt for genuine artikle gallery

abrascotch dykefellow, original sculpt for genuine artikle gallery

a cheese hook will do

ulysses acorn mcgovrett

yamden bear, plush toy for gallery 1988, lost